Our History

In 1947 the population of Mount Beauty increased significantly with the development of the Kiewa Hydro Scheme.  The State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SEC) drew the attention of the Education Department of the need to provide educational facilities at Mount Beauty.


The Mount Beauty State School No. 4644 opened on the 3rd February 1948, in the SEC recreation hall. There were 28 pupils in all grades except grade VIII.


Construction of a new Mount Beauty State School was begun in winter of 1949.  The new school building opened at its present site in February 1950.  It was occupied by 170 pupils. The first wing of the present school consisted of four general classrooms, one craft room, a small library, a staff room and toilets.  It was centrally heated, had electric lights, reticulated water, sewerage and a large shelter shed.  Of the 170 pupils, 29 were secondary students, and 13 of whom travelled by bus from Mongans Bridge, down the valley.


In 1951 a new wing was built, adding another four classrooms. Total enrolment in this year was 233.

The Mount Beauty Higher Elementary School was proclaimed in 1953 with a total enrolment of 368 students, and 151 secondary students.


By 1958 the school population rose to 617 pupils (436 primary and 181 secondary).


In 1964 the secondary section status was raised to a high school and a new site selected to house secondary students only.  A type 300 building was erected on the present site of Mount Beauty Secondary College and opened by the Minister for Education on 23rd October 1964.  Mount Beauty Higher Elementary School became Mount Beauty Primary School as it is known today.


In 2011, through the Commonwealth Government’s School Improvement Program a new building was added to house the school library, and two new classrooms in a flexible, contemporary and collaborative learning space.  Further improvements were made to two classrooms in one wing of the original 1950s building, to transform the learning space to support the pedagogical needs of today’s educational environment.


A commitment to reducing the school’s environmental footprint saw the installment of solar panels and rainwater tanks to harvest natural resources and demonstrate sustainable practices.  Further significant improvements to the school grounds and gardens were made by the design and development of a new edible garden area, dry riverbed, orchard and many native plantings in play areas.


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