2021 Parent Payments

2021 Online Parent Payment form

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Mount Beauty Primary School Refund Policy



Individual Student Book Pack – 2021


An itemised list of each year level is available below.  Our School takes great care to minimize costs by ordering in bulk, discounted stationary.  However, families do have the option to purchase their own book pack supplies. If you wish to purchase your own items please take this attached list to your preferred stationary supplier and then bring all items labelled to the school ready for the 1st day at School, 2021. Please advise the School by Friday 20th November, 2020 if you plan on purchasing your own book pack.

Prep 2021 Book Pack
Year 1, 2021 Book Pack
Year 2, 2021 Book Pack
Year 3, 2021 Book Pack
Year 4, 2021 Book Pack
Year 5, 2021 Book Pack
Year 6, 2021 Book Pack




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