Student Achievement Reporting

Effective communication of student progress and achievements between parents and carers, and the school, is vital to ensure children’s continued success and development in their schooling.  Mount Beauty Primary School offers a range of opportunities to discuss the progress of each child’s learning, identify areas for growth, and celebrate their achievements.


Formal reporting of student achievement to parents and carers in Victoria is provided three times per year.  Student report cards are used in all government schools to report student achievement in Years Prep to 10. Parents or carers will receive a report card twice a year and be invited to a parent-teacher interview to discuss their child’s progress.


Student report cards provide parents with clear, comprehensive and consistent information about their child‘s progress, as well as suggestions on how to support children’s learning at home.  Parents and carers will receive a student report card at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. Parent-teacher interviews enable parents to discuss their child’s academic and social progress, examine work samples and share information about future learning goals or concerns.  Parent-teacher interviews are generally held mid-year at the beginning of Term 3.


Informal reporting from teachers to students and parents occurs regularly throughout the year.  Frequent assessment and feedback from teacher to student allows students to refine their reflective skills and collaboratively develop learning goals.  Regular, informal conversations between parents and teachers are important opportunities to share information about a student’s progress and needs, the school program or answer any questions or concerns.


Parents and carers are invited to make an appointment as needed with teaching staff and/or the Principal to discuss particular aspects of your child’s schooling.  Please contact your child’s classroom teacher or the School Office to make an appointment.


For further information on Student Achievement Reporting requirements, please visit the Department of Education’s website.


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